Monday, 21 October 2013

Striking 'Snowmelt Chandelier': Beautiful and Envionmentally Friendly Too

Siriol Sherlock, founder of Rum's Eg,
poses with the Snowmelt Chandelier
'The Snowmelt Chandelier' was installed in Rum's Eg gallery on Monday 7th October. It is made of upcycled plastic bottles, drinks cans and water pipes, and each section is lit by an LED light.

Innovative artist, Trudi Lloyd Williams, from Lymington revealed that inspiration for the chandelier comes from her fascination with rivers and her commitment to championing environmental responsibility. She says:

"The Snowmelt Chandelier focuses on our thirst for bottled water, the creation of millions of plastic bottles, their disposal and their global effect. Sea levels are rising, and glacial melts are increasing hence the name 'snowmelt'."

The Snowmelt Chandelier is available for sale from Rum's Eg gallery.

In the meantime, it makes a striking and  addition to the Rum's Eg collection and is on display for all our visitors to enjoy.

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